Our Story

Who We Are

Taboo Beauty Cosmetics is an independent beauty brand started in 2019 by Leah Shoats, a free spirit who wanted to offer beauty lovers, enthusiasts and makeup artists exclusive 3D mink, faux mink and synthetic false eyelashes. The infamous lash line - Harlot was created to share her aspiration in providing unique and sexy styles that arouse creativity and make everyone who wears them feel beautiful. 


What We’re About

Harlots are proud to be the rebels, the sinners, the misunderstood—the outsiders. We applaud all the bad asses who give zero fu©#$ what people think about their lifestyle. We embrace “different” and recognize that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. We live in our truth and stand in our power.

We are smart, sophisticated, wild and driven. We are Harlots. 

Bad has never looked so good.


Our Mantra

We are fire.
We are forces to be reckoned with.
We embrace our power.
We embody our sexuality.
We are the storm.
We forge our own paths.